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Crabby Cards

Here is some Information on the Great toonist Scott Clarke please click the logo on the bottom left of the page to go and see his exstensive array of Cards he has produced.


Click my cards on the left and they will go large so you can see them in full.

Please Check out this very talented Artist and order yours today!!!

Sarah Jayne x aka Dolly



Greeting Cards.....greeting cards.....GREETING CARDS!!! Supportive, Awareness, Celebrity, Naughty, Crabby, Red Hat....AND MORE!

copyrighted material


I am artist and writer Scott Clarke creator of Crabby Cards, I write and illustrate ALL of the greeting cards featured. My work varies upon many subjects. I hope to bring humor to those who need a laugh and awareness to subject matter that needs attention and a virtual hug to those who may need one.



Each card is 5 inches by 7 inches closed printed on 110 pound white cardstock with matching envelope...

(All artwork and verse affiliated with this page are copyrighted and the exclusive property and domain of the artist Scott Clarke and Crabby Cards)


General Information

I am also available for custom creative work! crabbycards.com

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