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The Only Official Dolly Parton Tribute Used at the O2 Arena

Sarah Jayne's Dolly Parton Experience Tribute Live at the O2 Arena London For Dolly Parton's World Tour Better Day and Blue Smoke

Double meet and greet ....Fantastic! what a night! Where do I start??


Yes, I met the Queen of Country Miss Dolly Parton and she was VERY complementry and thanked me for coming Dressed to Sheffield after working so hard on Wednesday at the O2 London.

Her dress designer, Steve Summers said that he Loved my new replica dress which he designed.........then came my favourite bit ..

(Thanks to Natalie UK director of IML) Dolly posed with and Cuddled our little angel, Lucy Jayne and asked her "when she grows up will she be dressing as me, like her mama"!!!! and Lucy Andy and I had a family Picture with Dolly!!!!!



So I'm on cloud nine when Andy LJ and myself are taken a different route than the other M & G to make our way back to front of house, taking us across the corner of the stage of the Sheffield arena..... Around 2000 Dolly fans spotted me and starting shouting and screaming "IT'S DOLLY, WE LOVE U DOLLY" that caused the other corner of the arena to look over and they started screaming too!  By the time it took me to stop waving (20 secs) the whole arena were now screaming and waving then the band stop Laughing and started playing Dolly's Birds singing intro started.

The BodyGuard/Security Lady who escorted me said "that was great, I can't believe it"..

I had to keep telling people in the Box office it wasn’t Dolly when you standing in the V.I.P section when they asked me for your autograph" my most memorable moment in my career to date..

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