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At 9.45, the fanfare struck up and we were introduced to Sarah Jayne as Dolly Parton.

This young lady certainly looked and sounded the part!

The audience loved her from the second she walked on stage.

Sarah is more than a 'vocalist', she performs the whole set 'in character'

complete with the Pigeon Forge accent and with the assistance of her husband,

Andy, delivered a top drawer show much to the delight of everyone.

Once again Thank you for a great night!

The U.K & Europe'sLeading Professional Dolly Parton Tribute Act



The Dolly Parton Experience featuring Kenny Rogers tribute:

If you're a country fan or just a fan of great music and entertainment in general, then this awesome duo with their top tribute to the most recognized country acts in the world - Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers, is really at the top of the tree.

Bought to you by Andy Crust and Sarah Jayne

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Andy and I always have the greatest nights at Warner Leisure Hotels, fantastic Hotels, Staff and above all guests......Come and join us around the Country on a Dolly and Kenny Warners Break!!...